Cutting Tool Grinding Machine

ProGrind grinders are your solution for manufacturing and re-grinding of end mills and other types of cutting tools.

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ProGrind CS  Cylindrical Grinder

Blank Preparation

Cylindrical grinding of tools on the ProGrind CS cylindrical grinding machine is easy with on-screen program input and a full computer built in to edit and store programs.

Preparing straight or multi-step tool blanks is really simple with the Progrind Step Tool Software.  Just enter basic part geometry and the program puts it all together into a grinding program that combines plunge and traverse grinding.  It calculates tangency points between radii and angles and provides a graphic display of the shape.  It is a high precision CNC grinder.

For higher volume production of cylindrical blanks, you can add an automatic loading system - click here for image

ProGrind CS Machine Specifications

 ProGrind CS Cylindical Grinder



ProGrind III  CNC Grinder

Fluting and Relieving

ProGrind III is a versatile, easy to use four axis grinding machine with menu driven programs for endmills, step drills, drills, counterbores and reamers.  It is rugged, accurate and fast to set up.

For high production fluting, we offer fully automated systems with automatic wheel dressing, probing, and high pressure coolant systems - click here for image

ProGrind III Machine Specifications
 ProGrind III Cylindrical Grinder
  ProGrind III  ProGrind III Cylindrical Grinder

Some popular tools that are ground on the ProGrind III

 Step Drill  End Mill Counterbores 

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