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For 32 years, New England Machine Tools, Inc. has provided unique solutions for grinding and automation problems.  Choosing from a versatile range of grinding machines, as well as automation and robotics, NEMT has provided answers to companies in a wide range of industries, including:

Medical Devices   Automotive   Aerospace   Ceramics and Glass

Cutting tools   Firearms   Bearings   Hydraulics and Pneumatics

ProGrind CNC Grinder.png

ProGrind CNC Grinders

New England Machine Tools offers five different types of standard ProGrind grinders; 2, 3, 4, 5 axis grinders, ID grinders, OD grinders and a modular platform that is adaptable to many different applications for medical, aerospace, bearings and many others.  All grinders are available with automatic and robotic loading.

Special and Custom Grinders

New England Machine Tools specializes in designing and building CNC grinders for specific customer applications.  Using our 3D CAD systems, NEMT can design and build affordable, custom grinding systems to fit a wide variety of customer applications.

Special and Custom 2
Robotics and Automation.jpg

Robotics and Automation

All our grinders are available with automatic loading - bowl feeders, gantry loaders, pick and place loaders have long been a part of our experience.  Robotic loading is available and integrated into the control systems of all our grinders.  In addition, as an authorized Fanuc integrator, we offer standalone robot applications.

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