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CNC Cylindrical Grinders

Cylindrical Grinder 1.jpg

ProGrind Cylindrical Grinders are designed to use conventional, CBN or diamond grinding wheels.  They are available in standard and universal configurations.  ProGrind CS is the standard and has a fixed spindle orientation.  ProGrind CSU has a spindle that can be rotated between 0 and 30°.  Both models can be used for working between centers or chucking.  Both feature a workhead that can be used for either live or dead center grinding.

ProGrind CS in standard configuration


Shown with precision chuck on workhead

PGCS Centers.jpg

Shown working between centers with live or dead center

ProGrind CSU in straight or angular contact modes

PGCS 0 Degrees.jpg

Spindle set at 0°.  Shown using both a collet chuck and tailstock

PGCS 30 Degrees.jpg

Spindle set at 30°.  Shown with in process gauging, a special chuck and tailstock

ProGrind grinders are available with many options, including:

Combo live or dead center workhead

Positioning workhead

High speed workhead

In process gauging

Gap elimination

Rotary diamond dressers

Precision air chucks and collet chucks

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