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ProGrind ID CNC Internal Grinder 

ProGrind CNC Internal grinder for ID work

ProGrind ID CNC Internal Grinders are available with spindles from 40,000 RPM to 160,000 RPM.  Single or dual spindle configurations are available.  The dual spindle version allows grinding of two different bore ranges in a single operation. The direct drive workhead with integral motor can be programmed to run from 100 to 3,000 RPM.  A variety of work holding can be used, including precision air chucks, collets and special fixturing.  Rotary diamond and single point dressers are available as well as gauging systems.  An easy to use menu on the touchscreen interface controls all process variables.


Single spindle CNC ID grinder

Single spindle ID grinder.  Shown above is a 60,000 RPM spindle with temperature controlled water cooling.  A wide range of spindles are available with speeds from 30,000 RPM to 160,000 RPM.  The part is held in a high precision air chuck, mounted on a workhead with a 50-3,000 RPM speed range.  A rotary diamond dresser is shown in the upper left corner.

2 spindle CNC ID grinder

Dual spindle ID grinder with 60,000 RPM

and 160,000 RPM spindles is shown. With two spindles, large and small bores in the part can be ground in one operation.  A variety of spindle options are available.  A rotary diamond dresser is shown at the top.

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