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Grinding Systems for Medical Devices

CNC hypodermic needle grinder

CNC grinders for hypodermic needles, biopsy needles, trocars and other pointing operations

Special fixture for grinding hypodermic needles

ProGrind medical grinder has a special two axis CNC controlled fixture for grinding hypodermic needles and trocars.  Menu driven grinding includes most common point configurations, such as lance tip and back grind for hypodermic needles. Pins and Trocar points are ground using the same program.  Changeover is fast and requires no mechanical adjustments. The fixture can hold hundreds of needles at a time.

Modular CNC grinders with one or two spindles in 2 or 3 axis configurations grind a wide variety of medical devices

Two spindle CNC grinder for medical devices

Progrind Model M CNC grinder is available in several configurations.  Shown here ia a two spindle configuration with multiple wheels and a programmable workhead. This provides great flexibility for grinding medical devices with complex forms.  The Model M shown above can be configured with one or two grinding spindles, a rotary diamond dresser and a wide variety of work holding.

Two spindle CNC grinder for medical devices
Robotic loader for CNC medical devices

All grinders built by NEMT are available with robotic loading or custom designed automation systems.   Shown above is a robot loading long medical devices from pallets.  Finished parts are returned to a pallet.  Other available automation systems include bowl feeders, magazine feeds and custom designs.

Progrind Model M 3 axis CNC grinder for medical devices

3 axis CNC grinder for parts on a coil

Three axis grinder for medical devices on a stamped coil

Special tooling for grinding medical devices

Medical devices on a stamped coil are fed through this 3 axis CNC medical device grinder.  Devices are ground, cut off and loaded on to cassettes. Three parts are ground at one time. Wheels are profiled with a rotary diamond dresser for continuous unattended operation..

6 axis, dual workhead CNC grinder with gantry loading for long medical devices

Grinder for medical devices - unattended two shift operation

Five axis CNC grinder has two workheads with special fixtures for long medical devices.  A custom designed stacking system for trays of parts allows unattended operation for two shifts.

Dual work fixtures for medical devices

Two workheads allow parts to load on one head, while grinding takes place on the other.  This reduces lost time for loading to one second.

Automatic wheel profiling is done with a rotary diamond dresser.  Dressing frequency is selected in a menu and the grinding program automatically compensates for size change.

6 axis, dual workhead grinder with robot loading for grinding surgical blades

6 axis grinder with robot loader for surgical blades
Dual workheads eliminat loading time

Two grinding fixtures allow loading while grinding.  Grind to grind time is under 2 seconds.

Robot loader automates the process

A custom designed handling system for surgical blades feeds the robot from a magazine.  The robot feeds the 6 axis CNC grinder and places the finished surgical blades into a cassette for the next operation.

4 axis CNC grinder for many different medical devices

ProGrind Flex for custom needle grinding and trocar grinding
Special fixturing for medical devices with wheel dresser

ProGrind Flex 4 axis CNC grinder for pointing, fluting, cylindrical grinding and custom shapes.  Above, picture shows custom work holding and a rotary diamond dresser.  The CNC workhead provides accurate rotations and can be fitted with chucks, collet chucks and special fixtures.  The Flex is also available with robotic loading.


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